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Organizations such as the African Development Bank, the BBC, and NPR have cited the work published here on The African File. Interviews with Alex Laverty and his writings for other websites are also below:


Why Africa Embraces Cloud Computing at ArsTechnica

Posts by Alex Laverty on other websites:

Jon Stewart, Bassem Youssef, & U.S. Embassy, Cairo: Reconceptualizing Diplomatic Norms in the Digital Age at USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy

Euro 2012: A Hard Power Tool of Sports Diplomacy? at USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy

South Africa’s Lack of Public Diplomacy Negates BRICS Membership Benefits on the Continent in USC’s Center on Public Diplomacy PDiN Monitor, Vol 3. Issue 4

WIOCC’s ‘Connected’ International Newsletter, Issue #4

Reports,  Papers, and Articles citing the work on The African File