This page will contain travel notes and commentaries on travel in Southern Africa. The blog has much experience in traveling in the region and will attempt to pass it on in travel journals, activity and lodging advice, and professional journal pieces on some of the regions The African File is familiar with.


Full Recap

Best of Botswana Pictures

Day 1: Entering Botswana: Chobe Game Drive

Day 2: On the Road to Maun

Day 3: Journey into the Okavango Delta

Day 4: Our Day in the Okavango Delta

Day 5: The Flight Over the Okavango Delta


Made it Kenya

Internet in Kericho

Alisa Recovers from Bug and Teaches Grammar!

Alisa’s Birthday in Kenya

Alisa at Mama na Dada

Amosi from Kunya

New Places, New Challenges

An Afternoon in Kitale

Rain, Photos, and Goodbyes

I Have Officially Become an African Woman

Alisa becomes a Role Model and Fist Bump Promoter

Kenya Photos 2010


Review of NYT Traveler to Malawi


Into Mozambique Day 1

Day 2 in Maputo

How to Get to Vilankulos and the TCO Bus Office (Day 3 – Maputo)

Last day in Maputo! …until we come back to catch our bus to SA

The Road to Vilanculos and How Many People Can Fit in a Bakkie?

Beach Exploring in Vilaculos and NY Pizza

The Prodigal Backpackers Return – Vilanculos Day 2

Here Fishy Fishy

Lazy Vilanculos Sunday

Oh Where Oh Where Did My TCO Go?

The Wheels on the Bus Go Bump Bump Bump


REVIEW: Costa do Sol

REVIEW: Taverna – Maputo

REVIEW: NY Pizza in Vilanculos

South Africa

2010 World Cup Home


Zimbabwe Recap ‎

Back to Zimbabwe – The Road to Victoria Falls (Part 1: Bus Ride North)

Back to Zimbabwe – The Road to Victoria Falls (Part 2: Bulawayo)

A Warm Winter’s Day in Victoria Falls

Vic Falls NP Zimbabwe $30, 24 hr. Zambia visa $20, 10 trillion Zim dollar note $2…. getting soaked by water shooting up from a gorge PRICELESS


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