World Cup 2010

These links go to pages describing our experience in each host city as we dove into the World Cup during our 3 weeks of following the US and South African teams around Northern South Africa. We also visited Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and  Botswana. We documented those trips through typical blog posts and listed under Travel.





Match Reports:

USA – England

USA – Slovenia: Pictures

USA – AlgeriaPictures

USA – Ghana

Out of South Africa





3 thoughts on “World Cup 2010

  1. Hey Alex and Alisa. It’s John here from the kumuka trip. I just had to look up this blog of yours that ppl raved about hahaha. I have enjoyed reading your reports on your WC game day experiences. I really regret not going to a game now. oohhh well there is always Brasil 2014 to look forward to!

    How was your trip back to cape town? did you finally go up table mountain? We made the most of our 3 days in jo’burg and enjoyed it. Most importantly we saw the lions and touched a cub at lion park and got close to soccer city!

    I hope you enjoy the next stage of your adventure in Kenya Alisa and best of luck with your studies back in the States Alex.

    the fifa delegates are currently in Aus inspecting our infrastructure, stadiums, facilities for our 2022 bid. fingers crossed xx 🙂 … you guys will be downunder in 12 years time hahaha

  2. Hey Dude

    Thanks for looking us up, I left your business card here in Joburg, so I that’s the reason for not getting in touch sooner. We’re back in Joburg now, with Alisa backing for Kenya, and me back to the US.

    We did get up Table Mountain, we have a post with pictures as well up on the site.

    We’ll definitely have to look at doing something for 2014, and now that I’ve got your business card we’ll keep in touch.

    Best luck impressing FIFA, but you know that haven’t come to the US yet…. they’re saving the best for last;)

  3. Hey I have some photos with the 2 of you in it that you might like to have. I can email them to you if you like, just send me your email. plus i have the photo with ‘stupidity is not a disability’ sign too hahaha.

    you guys have great memories, i find it hard to remember the things i did in such detail which make it very hard to retell my stories of my holidays the way you guys do.

    i enjoy reading your blog!

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