These papers and book reports were written by Alex Laverty while attending the University of California – San Diego while completing his degree from 2005-2008. These papers are from the following classes. Book reports stem from reviews completed on books assigned for the class but were not required by the instructor and will be added periodically.

HIAF 111 Modern Africa Since 1880 with Edward Reynolds

HIAF 113 Small Wars and GlobalOrder -Africa with Jeremy Prestholdt

HIAF Final

HIAF 120 History of South Africa Edward Reynolds

INTL 101 Culture and Society in International Perspective 

INTL 190 Politics in South Africa with Dr Mike Williams

How the Policy of Quiet Diplomacy Impacts South Africa’s Democratic Consolidation

SOCD 188J Change in Modern South Africa with Dr Ivan Evans

SOC/D Midterm

MMW5 Revolution,Industry & Empire with Professor York

Outcomes of Slavery in Brazil and South Africa

MMW6 20th Century and Beyond with Dr Ivan Evans

Impact of Economic and Political Sanctions on Apartheid

POLI 142L Insurgency and Terrorism with Chris Hendrix

Rhodesia: A Failed Attempt to Maintain Racism into the 21st Century





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