Over the Atlantic

That feeling of ‘rush’ finally hit as we got to JFK and I realized that the thing I had forgotten to do was download the maps app. We searched in Terminal 4 for a free wifi connection, but of course there was none. There was boingo, which actually has an app that you can download and then buy credits right through iTunes. I thought was great luck as they gave you one hour free when you downloaded the app. Upon doing so I searched iTunes for the Co Pilot Live app, but found only the North American. I panicked thinking that they had pulled the app. I decided to bite the bullet and pay the 8 bucks for wifi for the computer as well. Through the desktop iTunes i was able to find it and then start the download. However our time in between flights was not great and I had wasted much time in searching. It was a race against time to complete the download and I finally had to picked up the computer with the lid open and walk to security. Fittingly the download  completed just as we reached the front and I was able to close it and pack it away.

The final challenge presented itself in the fact that Alisa and I had not been paired together on the South African Airways flight and now reached the gate with most of the plane boarded. We lucked out in that while the flight was full there was an empty seat next to Alisa.

We saw a guy rocking the new US away kit and his girlfriend/wife with an Argentina kit, so we’re obviously not the only two people who decided to beat the rush and come to South Africa early.

The flight itself has bee up to the same standard we had enjoyed on Virgin from Heathrow and back the last time we flew into Joburg. Alisa had the chicken in mustard sauce while I had the lamb over rice. They provided metal silver ware (which is something we had not packed) so that immediately got tucked away, and it will double as a present on my return as my mother brings small forks for the family cat, Euro, back from all over the world. I guess being fed with exotic forks allows her to feel like she came along.

Alisa had forgotten to print her Kenya itinerary which the guy at Dulles made a big deal about this morning as here tickets to and from SA are more than 90 days apart. Not quite sure that was a major deal for him, but luckily my mother had here ‘new’ iPhone (my phone) on her and Alisa was able to show him the electronic copy. We searched in vain for a business lounge in JKF even though there apparently was one. However we have the document in Goodreader, and iPhone/iPad app that allows you to store files directly on the device. Hopefully the customs and immigration officer will take it. If not, Alisa will have to talk her way into the country somehow

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Recent graduate from USC's Master of Public Diplomacy and UCLA's Master of Africa Studies programs. My interests lie in understanding the interactions between digital ICTs & society. I try to make sense how are these interactions are changing democracy, diplomacy, and development.

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