REVIEW: Taverna – Maputo

Located a block northeast of Mundo’s on Julius Nyerere, we found this authentic Portuguese restaurant on the advice of one of the Consular officers at the US embassy. It had the look of a German beer hall and it has been so long since I was in Portugal it was hard to tell if it was an authentic look or if they just liked pine.

We arrived around 1730, and were the first customers for that evening. The local eating time is much later but considering the sun sets around 1700 here we decided it better to be off the streets.

Food: We ordered two kebabs, mine a surf and turf, Alisa’s a chicken and pineapple. They were served on skewers dangling from holders about 1.5 feet above the table. Both came with a salad and fried potato crisps which were cooked just till they were crispy on the outside but still soft in the middle. The meat on the kebabs was quite tender save the sausage on mine. This is the second night of sausage and both seem to have used the same type and cooking method. Very little taste and a lot of ‘other’ piled into the sausage. However the onions and red peppers that adorned my kebab were cooked quite well and went deliciously with the crab, grilled calamari, and veal that was part of the surf and turf. This was the first calamari we had had that didn’t have its own marinate and the first I used lemon with in order to add taste to the meat. 4/5

Service: They were definitely pushing the other items on the menu, as they showed us samplings of the starters and deserts on offer. They seemed quite put off when we took nothing from either plate, but in reality the kebab was more than enough. Alisa did end up ordering some corn bread as we waited which was quite nice with the spices on order. They did the standard stand nearby you and stare off into the distance or look right at you that we have become accustomed to so far in Mozambique. 2/5

Bang for your buck value: Moderate. The total for the food plus one 1,5 litter water was 40 bucks. This is in keeping with the theme that Mozambique as a whole is not a cheap place to eat.

Atmosphere: Hard to gauge as by the end we were still just 1 of 3 parties in the place.

Overall: 3/5 on the strength of the food.

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