REVIEW: NY Pizza in Vilanculos

Location: north end of town in Vilanculos. Take a left at the T intersection after you pass the Millennium bank on your left. Will be first building on your right. Proceed down the driveway and you’ll see the restaurant’s seating facing the ocean.

Food: This is some of the best pizza I have had full stop. While a thin crust is not the ideal for me, the cheese is cooked on top of the ingredients sealing in all the bits of meat, peppers, and onions as well as all the flavor. No running tomato sauce or grease, it’s simply well put together and the ingredients are well spaced and seem perfectly mixed so that you get a small bit of eat in every bite. The pizza is cooked just right, with no burning of the edges and leaving a firm but not brittle crust.

Alisa had the Marina, with a tomato base, herbs, mozzarella cheese, prawns, calamari, garlic, herb and olive oil. Perhaps the most unique and flavorful pizza created. Neither the prawns nor the calamari with significant in size, but it was the perfect size for getting a taste of each in every bite. Both were chewy but also tender enough to blend well with the cheese. The garlic played it’s part all well, blending with the seafood and cheese to created a delightful flavor that was neither overtly seafood nor overly garlicky.

I went with the Spicy Chicken, which was put together with Tomato, herbs, spicy chicken, green pepper, and onion. Again all flavors worked perfectly together with no ingredients over powering the other. While peri-peri spice was on offer, the spice of the chicken was just perfect; not in the burn your mouth type, but just enough to give it a taste that stood out among the herbs, peppers, and onion.

On our second visit, I ordered the ‘Mexican’ wanting to see what was the result, while Alisa tried the Mediterranean. We went with medium sizes this time, though still had pieces left over which came in handy later that day. Both pizzas were of the high standard from before.

Service: Our first visit was enhanced by the excellent service we were provided. We were the only people there for lunch, but in the past the past that hasn’t meant much in Moz. Our server was very helpful, prompt, not overbearing and was more than delighted to get us a box for taking our food to go. Our second visit with quite the opposite. So poor in fact that it seemed that our server forgot about us (this time we were one of three tables being served) and as we waited for him to swing by after we finished, our wait turned into a extreme, where I had to end it by trying to fetch someone to allow us to pay and track down a box for our remaining pizza.

Atmosphere: Great views of the northern shore and a derelict wooden ship providing scenery through the large palm trees which keep the patio cool, but also complete the setting.

The AF’s Rating: The disappearing waiter leaves a bad taste in the mouth to a place we so much enjoyed the first time and thus will give it a 4/5 on the uniqueness and tastiness of some of the best pizza I’ve yet to taste.


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