Lazy Vilanculos Sunday

Today began with the first proper breakfast Alisa and I had enjoyed in quite sometime. It was simple: scrambled eggs on toast topped with strips of ham. Quite delicious and filling. If there’s one difficulty in Africa, it’s that this isn’t a ‘breakfast place’, at least in the Western sense. And me being a big breakfast person, it’s a challenge to get the day started on an empty stomach. Today wouldn’t need to much energy as we spent the early part of the day mulling around Zombie, and then making our way to the beach where I napped on the white sand, while Alisa dove into her new book. We had planned to walk all the way down the southern coastline, but the tide was at it’s peak at 12, and would go out till 4ish thus covering the beach and preventing us from making the journey.

I awoke and we traveled to the market to get water for our bus trip tomorrow, but being Sunday, it either didn’t open or had already closed. We made our way over to NY Pizza, where we were going to give a go off their menu that was non-pizza. It did not delight.

Back to Zombie just as complete darkness fell at 1730, and a quick pack of our stuff, to make sure we were ready to leave for tomorrow. We are supposed to be at Pembara at 915, which is the town that sits along the EN1 (the major north – south highway). When the bus actually comes is unknown. Talking to two Irish girls who came down from Beira (the second largest city right in the middle of the country) their bus drove so fast that they reached Vilanculos 2 hours early, basically unheard of in this part of the world. But all we can do is be at then appointed location at the time we were told and take it from there. If all goes well we should be back in Maputo in the late evening and then make our way towards Base Backpackers where we have a booking until we leave till ZA.

Oddly, Base asked that we call 24hr before in order to confirm. We did so, but only got a recording, and we would prefer to stay at Base as it is in walking distance of the Intercape bus pick up in Maputo, that we will be catching on Wednesday morning.

This post also brings us back up to date with our trip. We had fallen behind a bit on the way up to Vilanculos, and thus we will endeavor to make posts around this hour each day from here on out so our backlog doesn’t build.

Off to Maputo!


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