Alisa at Mama na Dada

Alisa has made it to Mama na Dada, the next stop on her volunteering expedition. The journey was taken with 3 different minibuses, and completed on the back of a motorbike. Apparently Alisa rode with the driver, and the food, while her bag went on another motorbike with another volunteer. If any pictures surface of this ride, you can be sure they will be posted.

Here’s a map of Alisa’s approximate location. She says she has a view of the lake from the village, and the village is 80kms west of Kisumu.

She also made friends with another Arsenal supporter, and she says Premier League kits and memoribilla are all around in the resturants and on the steets. Apparently a women’s soccer tournament is being prepared at Mama na Dada, but Alisa leaves before it takes place. I think she will try to see if her departure can be changed, as she missed out on the HIV/AIDS awareness tournament that she was supposed to run at another village before her itinerary changed.

I’m off to Los Angeles this week, so the next update may come at the end of the week. Alisa says she is heading to Kisumu on Satruday to use the internet cafe. Additionally, she has better coverage now, so skyping her should be easier than it has been in the past two weeks. See the top right hand side of our blog’s home page for the number.

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