Kenya Photos 2010

Hello Everyone,

I’m back in California! Incase you didn’t know I made it back safely from Kenya about a month ago. Just in time to spend my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, with my family.

Upon my return I packed up my boxes in DC and moved to Los Angeles where I am working on grad school applications and waiting to find out where my next adventure  will be.

It has taken me a few weeks to get all my photos and movies together (at least 3,000), but now they are finally posted to my MobileMe Gallery, so PLEASE check them out!!

The pictures only begin to share all the wonderful experiences I had so if  you have any other thoughts, questions, or comments let me know. I enjoy talking about all of it.

Pathfinder Academy

I spent 2.5 months at Pathfinder Academy teaching English and composition to class 7 and 8. I also took Swahili lessons.

Wekhonye Primary

A public school that has about 70 students to a classroom. I taught HIV/AIDS and STI education to class 6, 7, & 8.  The subject of several blog posts.

African Girls Leadership Group

A weekly girls group focused on building self-esteem, goal setting and assertive communication among other topics. It was also a place where the girls could openly share and discuss topics around being a women.

Common Ground

Pathfinder Academy is part of Common Ground, but these pictures focus more on the family I lived with and our lives separate from the school.

Sarah Obama’s House

I visited President Obama’s grandmother in Kenya.

Mama na Dada

I stayed at Mama na Dada for 3 weeks. The pictures in this folder are of the complex, staff, and preschool.


Kunya is the village where Mama na Dada was located. The pictures in this are of Kunya dispensary where I worked twice a week doing patient intake and assisted in dispensing of medication. In addition, there are pictures of Lake Victoria and Kunya Primary where I taught English.

Masai Warrior Graduation

The Masai warriors graduation only occurs every 7 years, so I was very privileged to be there during that time and have the opportunity to attend one of the days of the celebration.

Masai Mara

I finally saw lions that were not in a lion park!! As well as a black rhino! Black rhino’s are very rare.  I was reluctant to go on the safari having been on several safari’s in ZA and Botswana, but if anyone wants to go on safari in Africa I would recommend this above anywhere else. Go during the great migration.

Emmanuel’s School

Includes pictures of Emmanuel’s school as well as pictures from my 23rd birthday celebration which we had at the school.

Emmanuel’s Home

Pictures of Emmanuel’s family, brothers wedding and surrounding area.


2 thoughts on “Kenya Photos 2010

  1. These will keep me busy for hours! Of course I started looking at the Maasai warrior ceremony pics first… surprise surprise. Alisa, I love how you got all dressed up in Maasai garb for the occasion!

  2. Alisa! I just got back from spending 2 weeks with Joshua’s family and working with Pathfinder! I love your photos as they bring back great memories of amazing people that were so gracious to me in my short time in Kiminini. I also visited Wekhonye – so that is how I came across your blog post.

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