Change of Plans

We will not be leaving for Mozambique tonight as planned. Alex’s upset stomach from this morning has turned into more (projectile vomit for one thing). Luckily  Elna’s clinic  is downstairs so we have plenty of nurses taking care of him. Alex kept telling me that he would be fine by tonight to travel, but after the vomiting and his paler then normal white face, I made the executive decision to call Computicket and get our tickets changed. I was not going to be on the SA/Mozambique roads in a bus with someone who was feeling sick, thats just asking for problems that no dramamin could solve. If you have ever been in a car,especially taxis, in a 3rd world country you understand why getting on one even feeling slightly sick is a BAD idea. So we are leaving tomorrow night at 10PM, that way Alex will have today and tomorrow to rest and then he can sit on the white sand beaches in Mozambique.