Photos of Mpumalanga, Lion Park, and Zimbabwe

We’ve posted a bunch of photos from our travels of the past two weeks, plus one gallery all the way from mid-June on our return to Gauteng from Rustenburg. Stretching from Mpumalanga to Zimbabwe, there’s a large set of photos to view, and while we hope most will be undertstood in context, we will eventually add captions and give a better understanding of where we were and what we were seeing. The Lion Park was not completed by the time we left Mugg & Bean tonight, but should be done at our Lodge in Kimberley since it has WiFi. The links for the photos are below:

Lion Park in Gauteng (w/ video of Alex being eaten)




Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

June 15

Ok so no tigers or bears, but we did see lions and monkeys today.

I had been looking forward to our excursions to the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary and the Lion Park since I read about them in our guide books months ago and today we were finally going. Occasionally when you build an experience up in your mind it can be a bit of a let down when it finally occurs, but this day did not disappoint. Continue reading