REVIEW: Costa do Sol

Costa do Sol is located a ways out of town, but is worth the trek (it cost 300 Mct. To taxi from Fatimas).
The restaurant has a large indoor seating area & bar as well as an outside deck that looks out over the Indian Ocean. The menu was simple: salads, seafood & meat. Although there were minimal food categories there were plenty of variations in the preparation. Costa do Sol is known for its prawn dishes, but neither of us ventured to try them.

We ordered a Greek Salad, grilled calamari, & a mixed grill (beef, chicken & sausage).

— The Greek salad had feta, onion, green pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes & olives. It was a wonderful combination of flavors and an excellent way to consume some vegetables.

— Grilled calamari came in a butter garlic sauce with rice pilaf, potato, and cucumber on the side. The calamari was a little fishy tasting and could have used a different sauce, but overall it was good.

— The mixed grill was delicious. The beef was tender and juice and the chicken was moist. Alex wasn’t a fan of the sausage; I thought it was fine, but nothing special.

The staff was mostly stoic and not very attentive, despite the lack of costumers.

Overall I would give Costa do Sol a 7 out of 10.


Day 2 in Maputo

We woke up this morning with clouds in the sky and a fair amount of wind. Today was the day we had planned to do research on ticket/ bus costs and make the decision on whether to just go north as far as Tofo or go up to Pemba, however we forgot it was Sunday. Everything but the restaurants & Internet cafes were closed. We should have gone to do our research on Saturday but we got a late start & I was focused on visiting the cultural/ historical places listed in Lonely Planet.

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