USA – Slovenia Pictures [UPDATED]

Check this site for all the pictures from today. No video, as those files are too big for the cafe we are in. Photos should be fully up in 30 minutes.

Photos have been fully loaded and are available for viewing!

Here’s the link:

Ellis Park – US – Slovenia

Update on Photos and Plans

Success! We have finally caught up on our backlog of blog posts, and we finally have a good number of pictures to share. Unfortunately, we have been unable to update our iWeb site,, so we will have to rely on our MobileMe gallery pages. As we are able to upload more, we will post the link in the sidebar on the right hand side.

Also, we have a twitter feed (afrikantraveler), that we will post more short updates to, and will allow us to post on the go easier than WordPress.

When our Youtube is set, we will post the link for the videos if you are unable to view them though MobileMe. All of our videos were shot in either 720p 60fps or 1080p, and thus we have had long waits and many errors uploading these files through wifi and broadband connections in South Africa, thus we will attempt to use Youtube as a solution.

We have just arrived at backpackers just south of Alexandra tomorrow, putting us in better position for attending the US – Slovenia game at Ellis Park on Friday. Then it’s out to Witbank for the Springbok game against Italy. Sunday will be spent preparing to make the trek south to Bloemfontein for the crucial South Africa – France game, and then right back north the following day to catch the US against Algeria in Pretoria.

The Links:

Alisa’s Mozambique

Alex’s Rustenburg

Let us know your success of downloading pictures and viewing videos!