The Vuvuzela Blows No Longer For The Red, White, and Blue

USA – Ghana Recap (1-2 AET)

Woke up at 6 AM because Alex forgot it was Saturday and had factored in an extra hour for Joburg traffic. Leaving at 7AM to Kroonstad the roads were perfectly clear and Alex could actually go the speed limit of 120 Km. In addition, we were able to see the beautiful sunrise over the city.

We arrived at the KFC in Kroonstad just after 9 AM, expecting to wait an hour for the English to arrive, but just as we started to take out muffins and yogurt for breakfast the two young English guys from Hodge Podge Lodge pull up. Alex and I were both surprised to see them thinking it was quite a coincidence that they should pull into the same KFC as us, but since we have had a few of those by chance meetings with people on this trip it wasn’t too weird. When we saw them get out of the car with tickets in hand that is when we realized that this was England Alex. The last few days Alex and I had it in our head that England Alex was the older gentleman that we met at Moonlight Backpackers! Continue reading

Update on Photos and Plans

Success! We have finally caught up on our backlog of blog posts, and we finally have a good number of pictures to share. Unfortunately, we have been unable to update our iWeb site,, so we will have to rely on our MobileMe gallery pages. As we are able to upload more, we will post the link in the sidebar on the right hand side.

Also, we have a twitter feed (afrikantraveler), that we will post more short updates to, and will allow us to post on the go easier than WordPress.

When our Youtube is set, we will post the link for the videos if you are unable to view them though MobileMe. All of our videos were shot in either 720p 60fps or 1080p, and thus we have had long waits and many errors uploading these files through wifi and broadband connections in South Africa, thus we will attempt to use Youtube as a solution.

We have just arrived at backpackers just south of Alexandra tomorrow, putting us in better position for attending the US – Slovenia game at Ellis Park on Friday. Then it’s out to Witbank for the Springbok game against Italy. Sunday will be spent preparing to make the trek south to Bloemfontein for the crucial South Africa – France game, and then right back north the following day to catch the US against Algeria in Pretoria.

The Links:

Alisa’s Mozambique

Alex’s Rustenburg

Let us know your success of downloading pictures and viewing videos!

Gauteng Freezing Over

16 June

The temperatures have not improved this morning, and I deeply regret not taking Elna up on her offer of a space heater, especially after the hot water cuts out in the middle of my shower. I send Alisa (recipient of a nice long hot shower) to track down the heater, but no one is in the house, and Elna’s clinic is closed. We soon realize that it is Youth Day in South Africa, commemorating the Soweto Uprising, and as such it’s a national holiday. Having left all of our breakfast stuff in the house, and now being locked out, we’re forced to head out to find food. Since I am still on a quest for a South African track top we head to the Sandton City mall again, to see if the forecasts of more apparel coming in stock today are true.

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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

June 15

Ok so no tigers or bears, but we did see lions and monkeys today.

I had been looking forward to our excursions to the Bush Babies Monkey Sanctuary and the Lion Park since I read about them in our guide books months ago and today we were finally going. Occasionally when you build an experience up in your mind it can be a bit of a let down when it finally occurs, but this day did not disappoint. Continue reading