The San Francisco Giants and Zimbabwe: An Unlikely Connection

On 9 July 2010, the San Francisco Giants were 45-41, but 5 games back of the NL West leading San Diego Padres and were 9th overall in the National League. They had just lost to Steven Strasburg and the Washinton Nationals in DC, with Matt Cain giving up 8 runs, 7 earned in just 6 innings to the Nationals that would eventually finish 69-93, 28 games out of first place.

Also on that day, I was disembarking a train in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe accidently leaving my one and only San Francisco Giants hat on that train, losing it to the continent of Africa for good. Because my head rarely fits baseball caps well, the perfect fit that this one provided made me quite disheartened over the loss. This was accenutated by the significant history this cap hat witnessed in its lifetime. But in the end, perhaps it ended the drought of my hometown ball club.

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Zimbabwe Recap

Since we have such a backlog of days to catch up on our blog we will make this post a reference to help catch up on our journey from Johannesburg to Victoria Falls and then back down through Botswana.

Preparation in Joburg:


Here are some of the best photos from the journey as well:

Soccer with the Visitors in Elna's Yard

Alisa at Bulawayo Train Station

Alisa and Alex at Victoria Falls

Photos of Mpumalanga, Lion Park, and Zimbabwe

We’ve posted a bunch of photos from our travels of the past two weeks, plus one gallery all the way from mid-June on our return to Gauteng from Rustenburg. Stretching from Mpumalanga to Zimbabwe, there’s a large set of photos to view, and while we hope most will be undertstood in context, we will eventually add captions and give a better understanding of where we were and what we were seeing. The Lion Park was not completed by the time we left Mugg & Bean tonight, but should be done at our Lodge in Kimberley since it has WiFi. The links for the photos are below:

Lion Park in Gauteng (w/ video of Alex being eaten)



A Warm Winter’s Day in Victoria Falls

9 July

I was first awoke at 1 am with a sudden stop and lurch by the train and find myself in the unusual position of sleeping on my stomach, while I find both of my hands are gripping the top corners of the mattress. I turn over in order to fall back asleep and am awakened again later in the morning, but am able to fall back asleep without a problem.

I had thought about where I would fly if there was a sudden stop, but with the compartment configured the way it was the benches were on the front side of the train, so each stop just pushed me into the wall, thankfully, instead of throwing me off. The rattling over the tracks wasn’t felt as much up that high in the compartment, but the speed of the train definitely was. Continue reading