Botswana with Kumuka: Our Overland Tour

Since we had first come to South Africa in 2007, we had heard the great stories of people who had the opprotunity to visit Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Many had described the experience as magical, and once in a lifetime, but a trip there had always been out of reach for us because of the costs. Many had said that doing it on the cheap by on your own was no feasible and not worth the effort. However, to go the ‘proper’ way cost thousands of dollars for the flight to your 5 star resort/lodge in the Delta.

Alisa was determined to make it to Victoria Falls this time in Africa while I had made list of the Etosha Pan, the Delta, and Chobe on my list of things to do.  Upon looking at options for overland tours that would bring us to the Falls and incorporate the rest of our wish list, Alisa stumbled across numerous tours and organizations, but finally decided on Kumuka Worldwide, and their overland trip through Bostwana that originated in Victoria Falls and returned us to Joburg. It was also in our budget range, which made it seem like a great way for us to see three of our outstanding destinations.

Getting to Victoria Falls was half the fun, and you can read about our journey to Bulawayo and our train journey to Victoria Falls here.

For Botswana, we weren’t able to post updates as we went, so here is a recap of our journey with links below. We’ll add more days and we finish filling in the details on our notes of those days.

Best of Botswana Pictures



3 thoughts on “Botswana with Kumuka: Our Overland Tour

  1. Thanks for sharing about your time with us! We would love for you to let us know how things are going in Africa with us!!! Maybe you’ll let us post one of your entries, with links back to your blog, onto our own blog??? Cheers, and safe travels, Brendan

  2. That would be just fine Brendan. Let me know if I can include any more info that would be helpful. I’m back Stateside now, and can post a bunch of my photos directly in the posting, which will hopefully help tell the story!

  3. Oh, that would be awesome! I think if you could just give a brief overview about how things went that would be great. Maybe 100-200 words.

    I would also like a mention or two about the tour leader and driver that you had on your tour if you could???

    And then if you could send about 10-15 photos with a quick quotation to know what’s going on in the picture. If you have any group pictures, a pic of the crew, or the truck, that would be awesome too.

    I hope I’m not asking too much of you, it’s just that we love hearing what our fellow travelers have to say, and we think that everyone else should also hear about your adventures with us too!!

    If you can do this, please send this all to

    Thanks soooooo much,

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