Internet in Kericho

This is my first internet access since Nairobi. I am currently in the city of Kericho which is about 2 hours or so from the village I am currently living in. I have only been here a few short days and already of have exprienced so much.

The food is delicious. We eat a lot of squash and vegi’s with rice or pasta, fruit (lots of pineapple), and either steak or beans for protein. The volunteers live in cement huts with bunk beds. Emmanul has 4 precious children who love to color and play soccer. Most of Emmanuls family lives around him so there are always cousins and other children over in the yard playing too.

All the children in Kenya have a school holiday this week because of the vote on the constiutional referendum. Everywhere I go I see vote YES promotions- I have only seen vote NO in the papers. The students will be back to Emmanuls school on the 5th so then we will be able to start teaching. Right now we are just getting the new boys dorms cleaned and the bathroom built.

Saturday we attended a Maassi wedding with lots of singing and beautiful bead work. The bride was 6 hours late, but no one seemed to mind.

Later in the week we are going to a Maassi warrior graduation that only happens every 7 years, so I cant wait. We have to dress in traditional outfits and beads.

See this link for info on the Warrior Graduation


2 thoughts on “Internet in Kericho

  1. Alisa! It sounds so cool there. You’re working with the Maasai? Take lots of pictures :). Stay well and keep enjoying!

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