AWIR: 18-24 February

With all eyes focused on Sunday’s elections in Senegal there was much build up this week on the continent and also in foreign news sources about the causes of the impasse currently facing Senegalese politicians. Also, this week in Africa there was still much coverage of the Africa Cup of Nations with analysis from the fall out from Zambia’s win at the Africa Cup of Nations. Additionally, how South Africa may no longer be the ‘Gateway to Africa’, the poor performance of South African teams on the continent, and the EASSy submarine cable takes a nick, but keeps on ticking. These stories and more are in this week’s African Week in Review below:



  • Zambia’s Chipolopolo remained in the headlines across much of the continent. With Nigeria falling to its lowest FIFA Rankings, Nigerian newspapers tried to draw lessons from Zambia’s victory. Pride, youth, and freedom from a dictatorial Football Association, all dig at some of the ails of the Nigerian FA. It will be interesting to see what the continent takes away as the traits to emulate from Zambia (though the UN is already drawing inspiration). With the success of local footballers usual leading to a diaspora spread out across Europe and the Middle East tt would be hard  for an FA to try to maintain the squad unity Zambia possessed. Other than Brazil, there are not too many countries that see their starting XI in a diversity of leagues. Watching the United States, Mexico, and perhaps Australia in terms of building group unity would be advantageous for African nations with top players playing in Europe.
  • The CAF Champions League kicked off this week with preliminarily round first leg matches being played across the continent. The performance of the South African Premiership in the competition has been abysmal of late, and now one of the richest leagues in the world is reduced to only one participant in the entire competition, along side the likes of Chad, Gambia, and Comoros. To make matters worse, the defending Premier Soccer League champions, Orlando Pirates, went down 1-3 to Angola’s league champion, in South Africa! The Mail and Guardian asks the ‘why’ behind PSL clubs’ dismal performance in continental play.

Video of the Week:

Senegal divided over Wade’s economic legacy

More in-depth look at Senegal from Al Jazeera English


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