I Want My Tires Back!

It’s a bitterly cold morning at the Hodge Podge Lodge. I slept completely inside my all-weather sleeping bag with the top covering my head, but as soon as I poked my head out it was meet with air that was below freezing. I tried to get the hot water to work, despite being told by our English friends the night before that the only water to come out was colder than the air. After signifiant fiddling inside and outside with the water heater, I gave up, and soon after that, no water whatsoever was produced by the facets.

We gave a lift to two of our new English friends to the mall, and we set off to find a tire repair shop as we only had made a patchwork solution from yesterday’s accident on the road to the stadium. I was getting very worried about the we we bought as there was significant vibrations while we were on tar, and even worse on the gravel/dirt. Continue reading