Vic Falls NP Zimbabwe $30, 24 hr. Zambia visa $20, 10 trillion Zim dollar note $2…. getting soaked by water shooting up from a gorge PRICELESS

July 10

Got up and had hot showers, which felt amazing after two days of travel.

On a fact sheet in the bathrooms it stated that Victoria Falls Backpackers does breakfast, but when we went to check out the situation there was no one cooking or eating. We had to walk through town on our way to Victoria Falls, so we decided that we would stop there for breakfast.

As we exited the gate of the backpackers a guy was getting into a taxi and asked us where we were going and if we wanted to share a cab. We told him Vic Falls, leaving out the part about wanting breakfast. He said he was headed there too, but had planned to go into town and get breakfast first.We quickly assured him that we would be happy to go to breakfast and off we went. During our taxi ride we formally introduced ourselves to our cab partner. His name was Ross and he was a school teacher Continue reading