REVIEW: NY Pizza in Vilanculos

Location: north end of town in Vilanculos. Take a left at the T intersection after you pass the Millennium bank on your left. Will be first building on your right. Proceed down the driveway and you’ll see the restaurant’s seating facing the ocean.

Food: This is some of the best pizza I have had full stop. While a thin crust is not the ideal for me, the cheese is cooked on top of the ingredients sealing in all the bits of meat, peppers, and onions as well as all the flavor. No running tomato sauce or grease, it’s simply well put together and the ingredients are well spaced and seem perfectly mixed so that you get a small bit of eat in every bite. The pizza is cooked just right, with no burning of the edges and leaving a firm but not brittle crust.

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Beach Exploring in Vilaculos and NY Pizza

Woke up and went for a walk to see if any other backpackers had a chalet available because for 2-3 dollars more we get a private room with a lock and key.

We settled on a room at Josef & Tina’s, next door to Zombie Cucumber, because it offered hot water showers & a private bathroom.

After moving into Josef and Tina’s we went to explore the southern beach- a beautiful stretch of white sand, with swaying palms on one side and crystal blue water on the other. The tide was low so there was a large area of moist sand exposed where crabs scurried and bared themselves as we approached. Our stomaches began to growl so we decided to head back to J&T’s to ask about getting bus tickets back to Maputo and head into town for food.

Back at J&T’s we went to the communal area where a large number of staff (?) were hanging out (we were never sure who was staff and who was just visiting). We asked the group about how we would get TCO bus tickets back to Maputo & they told us that there was no way to get TCO tickets in town, which was opposite of what we had been told in Maputo.

Going off a suggestion from Lonely Planet we headed for the far side of town to NY Pizza. On our way we stopped at a cafe for bread and the local market for fruit to have for breakfast.

At NY Pizza we sat out on the patio that looked out on the beach and water beyond. We order two large pizzas to have for lunch and dinner, both were delicious (see review).

Returning to J&T’s we went and sat on the beach intending to read and enjoy the sunshine, but during a lesson on US soccer strategy the clouds rolled in and it cooled down, so we went back to our room. We waited expecting to hear voices of people gathering in the communal area to talk and share stories, like at Zombie, but only a few men showed up to watch TV in the dark. We ended up eating our left over pizza by ourselves in our room and deciding that tomorrow we were going back to Zombie whether there was a chalet available or not, the atmosphere & staff knowledge was incomparable to J&T’s.

Last day in Maputo! …until we come back to catch our bus to SA

We woke up early and walked down to the TCO office to purchase the tickets that Alex had been unable to finalize the day before without my passport. The lady remembered Alex and literally went over her penciled in booking from yesterday with pen to make it official. Once she was finished filling out our tickets we proceeded to pay her more then the total price assuming she would be able to provide us with change since the taxis we took every night did– we were wrong. The TCO lady told us it had to be EXACT change, so Alex and I searched through our coins and bills to find our smallest denominations in order to give her an exact amount. We finally succeeded but providing small exact amounts in meticais is not easy for foreigners who are getting their money from ATMs because the smallest bill ATMs will provide is 200 & the smallest bill in Mtc. is 50 (that we have seen), coins only go up to 10 Mtc. so there is a big gap in the currency, which is inconvenient for providing exact change. Continue reading

REVIEW: Costa do Sol

Costa do Sol is located a ways out of town, but is worth the trek (it cost 300 Mct. To taxi from Fatimas).
The restaurant has a large indoor seating area & bar as well as an outside deck that looks out over the Indian Ocean. The menu was simple: salads, seafood & meat. Although there were minimal food categories there were plenty of variations in the preparation. Costa do Sol is known for its prawn dishes, but neither of us ventured to try them.

We ordered a Greek Salad, grilled calamari, & a mixed grill (beef, chicken & sausage).

— The Greek salad had feta, onion, green pepper, cucumbers, tomatoes & olives. It was a wonderful combination of flavors and an excellent way to consume some vegetables.

— Grilled calamari came in a butter garlic sauce with rice pilaf, potato, and cucumber on the side. The calamari was a little fishy tasting and could have used a different sauce, but overall it was good.

— The mixed grill was delicious. The beef was tender and juice and the chicken was moist. Alex wasn’t a fan of the sausage; I thought it was fine, but nothing special.

The staff was mostly stoic and not very attentive, despite the lack of costumers.

Overall I would give Costa do Sol a 7 out of 10.