Out of South Africa

June 28/29

We were awoke this morning just before Mandla came into Elna’s room to tell us goodbye before he went to school. He had been peppering us “Are you leaving now?” all last night, and now that the time had finally come, he seemed very nonchalant about saying goodbye. He came in to tells us that his mother was letting him take his soccer ball to school and that they had to write his name on it. This seemed to be the drama of the moment, and either covered up his feelings about goodbye, or he’s just too young to have them anyways. He didn’t even give a hug while we sat in bed listening to him, he just promptly walked out at the end of the telling of the story.

It will be quite interesting to see where Mandla is when we do return to South Africa in the future. Elna fears that his parents may take him back to Zimbabwe, where he’ll herd cattle, or that because of his education and life in South Africa (where he was born), his older brother and sister will come to resent him for being the ‘spoiled’ child while they remain in Zimbabwe. Continue reading


Made it to Kenya

I had a fairly smooth 4 hour flight from Joburg to Nairobi, but it took me over an hour to get through immigration. I thought the point of getting a visa early is so you do not have to wait in line with everyone getting a visa but the people in charge told everyone it didn’t matter what line you were in even though there were signs for Kenyan residents, east African, visa, & other.

When I finally made it to baggage claim my backpack was just lying on the floor in front of the carasel.

All day I was nervous that village volunteers would forget to come pick me up because my information and itinerary had been sent months ago, but James was there to get me when I walked out of customes. It is very overwhelming when you step out of the sliding glass doors because there are tons of people with signs and you really have to stop and scan them as they all glare at you.

It was a short drive to Wendys house where I had dinner and was shown my room for the night.

Wendy is very nice and an Apple fan. She really enjoyed playing with the iPad.

I wasnt able to get a SIM tonight when I arrived so it might be a few days before I get one.

Leaving for my first village tomorrow with 4 other volunteers from Slovenia.

Sorry I wish I could write more but I am very tired. I just wanted to post so everyone knew I had made it safely.