Table Mountain: Conquered [w/ Pictures]

Today we arrived in Cape Town on a glorious winter’s day on the Greyhound bus, straight down from Kimberley. I was surprised how much I slept on the journey, either I am getting used to overnight bus trips (my third on this trip so far) or I am so used to uncomfortable journeys, that the the cushioned seats of Translux was too much for my body to resist. Alisa slept just as well, which was important, as she is now facing the brunt of the head cold that I had just a few days ago. I think neither of us has seen as much green stuff come out of our orifices as has the past week. We have been been coughing hard, but I look to be on the end of the worse, and hopefully Alisa will catch up in a few days. It would be nice if my month long nasal congestion also ended, but I have a feeling only the 90 degree heat in Virginia is the only thing that will wipe it out now. The fresh and light air of the Cape Peninsula will also help. Breathing in big deep breathes hasn’t been that difficult in Joburg since we’re acclimated to the altitude, but it was a nice change to breath in the fresh ocean air of the Atlantic.

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